Artisan Inc. General Contractors

A Family Owned and Operated Business

Jim Sevigny began building a well earned reputation one home at a time 30 years ago. His company, Artisan, Inc has been a family owned and operated business since the beginning. Jim's belief that a home worth building is worth building to the highest quality. Jim built Artisan's reputation one home at time with an uncanny ability to develop the skills, or find someone with the skills, necessary to build at that level. He has instilled these beliefs in his sons who, following in their dad's footsteps, are building to the same level of craftsmanship today. Jim, together with his son Josh, is continuing Artisan's legacy into the 21st century. 

Artisan, Inc. Reputation is Built upon its Values

Our reputation is built on integrity, quality, and an efficient use of available resources. These characteristics work together to form lasting relationships with our clients, skilled craftsman, architects, and suppliers. Our reptutation enables us to employ some of the most skilled craftsmen in the state.  When needed, we find specialized craftsman to accomplish the most unusual or difficult tasks at hand.

Integrity is the primary characteristic upon which all our relationships are built. Our goal is to build life long relationships where our client's vision comes first. We take the time to listen to our client's dreams, desires, and concerns. We pay careful attention to details; researching products and methods that are appropriate for meeting our client’s vision.

We utilized all of our resources in the most efficient way possible. Whether it is the budget, craftsmen or materials, we employ all available assets to produce the most pleasing results for our Clients. We strive to reach our Client's vision in the most cost effective manner possible. We've learned that neither the least nor the most expensive products necessarily meet the vision. We provide the best products, the best workmanship, in a timely manner to bring our client's vision to reality. This is what we call value.

The result is exceptional quality. This identifying characteristic of an Artisan home is intentional, the foundation upon which all of our projects are built. Some contractors can be overwhelmed by this intricate weaving together of integrity, resources and quality, but Artisan thrives on it. Our expertise and history combine to make the experience for our client one of excitement and satisfaction. Most people do not build a new home more than once in their life time. Even so, some understand the process, but others do not. We are always ready to walk with our clients through the process, the products and even the pressure to ultimately bring their project to a pleasing conclusion with everyone satisfied, content and often times thrilled.

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